Welcome to my Journey!


So, I’ve never done this before. Or I have, but not like this. I’ve always loved writing, but beyond that sharing my story and so I’ve tinkered with blogging before but never with telling my story and the path that I am on. So here I am, prepared to be vulnerable, honest and expressive with you-in this space where I will share the journey I’m on.

Who I am

I’m 22 years old, my name is Laura June Hall. My middle name is from my mom. I’m the oldest child, the only girl. I was born in Newfoundland but I live in Ontario. I’m a three time University drop out and a high school honour student. I’ve student Biology and Geophysics-but spend most of my free time researching happiness, lifestyle design, wellness and spirituality. I identify as Buddhist-but it really isn’t Buddhist at all to identify with being Buddhist. I’ve travelled to 35 countries, and lived in 3. I am bipolar-hypomanic, dysthymic. I am incredibly fortunate. I am a survivor of sexual assault. I am a woman, I am a feminist. I am fascinated with happiness. I am fascinated with the human condition. I am fascinated with how to uncover our own personal happy. I love lifestyle design, and the thought that we don’t have to live as it’s been expected and presented to us but that we can break free from that. This is me.

What lead me here? 

One year ago, I was embarking on the craziest journey I have experienced yet. I woke up on a Thursday, late January. The same as any other Thursday, I had to rush to my Mineralogy class and I would have class from 830 until 4 PM, just to rush home, do homework, go to Muai Thai, clean, eat, sleep. Does the same methodical daily existence of duty over pleasure sound familiar to you? I went to my classes, came home entirely burnt out and did something that most people would find entirely insane. I put on a documentary, Happy, to watch in the background as I did a project. I was entirely moved. Pictures of people so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, that had much less than me (PSA, I later realized they had much MORE than me). Something inside of me snapped. What was the point of this? I did not want to be a geophysicist, I did not want any of these things, I was doing them to appease other people-not me. Meanwhile, this was my life, and this day to day drone of familiar and uninspired living was destroying me.

I opened my laptop.

Went to my student centre.

Class schedule.






Next, I opened up kiwi (flight finder).

Flights from Canada to anywhere.




Book yoga teacher training dot com.


And that was it, history made in my life. One door deliberately shut and another door forced open. Fleeting feelings. Anxiety, so much emotion that I felt ill. My boyfriend at the time came home, and I broke the news to him-in which he was very supportive of, and I will be forever thankful for that. Next came my parents, no support, devastated.

I went through a list of friends and family. Breaking it to them what I had done. I knew I should have felt sick but I felt more alive than ever.

For the first time I became in control of my life. the path I took would be mine, fully entirely completely and I was on an adventure.

This blog is that adventure, and the adventure continued. The travel budgeting, the equipment, the places, traveling as a woman and a feminist, the love, the heartbreak, the spirituality, what I’ve gained and what I’ve lost.

I still am on that journey. 

Searching left, right and centre for balance-and sharing the sunshine I have in my soul.

This is the route I’ve decided to take, searing for the root of happiness.

Welcome to my adventure.



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