Dear Generation X

Travel before school?

Pleasure based decisions?

Not attending school right out of high school?

It’s become a movement, and people are constantly talking about it. Backpacking is becoming a common place thing for young people around the world-not just for crazy hippies. People are taking off on adventures to South East Asia, Central and South America, gap years in Australia, road trips across the USA. People of the millennial generation understand this but people of older generations just don’t seem to understand our draw to it. This is what it comes down to!

‘Dear generation X and those before you,

The world we live in is the same as the world you lived in, but so very different. We are members of an overpopulated, immensely connected web of humans that are sharing ideas from all ends of the globe. The challenges we face differ from yours, we are facing a changing climate, an ever growing population, a tech controlled landscape. With those new challenges and the new population some things have changed. These challenges mean that the job market is very different. For us to get a job, there is no simple title. To be employed you have to be so specialized, so different from the hundreds, if not thousands that are after the exact same position. 

This specialization means we have to make big decisions before you did. When you went to school a business degree meant something, or a general science degree. For us, at the ripe age of 18 we must not only know what field we want to enter-but the exact specification of what we would like to study. Beyond that the debt that we acquire to be in school is an insurmountable feat. we must accept, even though the likelihood of being hired into our field after school is slim and none for years to come. 

We are trying to navigate this new job field in a different ways. We are realizing that education doesn’t strictly come from a classroom. We are versed in the knowledge that our connected world wants to offer us. We are interested in building a life not just for ourselves and our families but in a life for future generations that must live on this globe after the damage that you have done to it.

Of course, you didn’t know how burning all of these fossil fuels would affect the world. You did not know that the cattle industry would be the number one source of methane to our atmosphere. You didn’t know of the growing inequality internationally between the rich and the poor. You did not know that women would have such immense rights and privilege to be equated to men. You couldn’t have known. 

But now, we know. And that’s why we are choosing to live differently than you are. We are realizing we want to expand our world view through travel before we hunker down in an education that will probably take us 6 years to complete. We are choosing to grow in ways that aren’t linear. We are interested in not just the duty of life but also the enjoyment that comes with it.

So please, generation before mine. Understand that we are not trying to offend you, or escape from duty. But simply enjoy the one life we have been given, and we are taking a different path than you are. 

-Generation Y&Z’


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